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Visited States

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I started wondering how many states I have visited.

Click here to see where I have wandered:  Create Your Own Visited States Map

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Who Wouldn’t Read a Book About “DATA VISUALIZATION”?

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“When you cook, you go through certain steps in a consistent order. You figure out which ingredients you need, you gather them, you prep them, and finally you cook them and present your finished dish.

Creating a data visualization is a lot like cooking. You decide what data you need, you collect it, you prepare and clean it for use, and then you make the visualization and present your finished result.

When you’re cooking, it helps to understand what each ingredient does so you know what you can do with it. For example, salt and sugar look similar but achieve very different results!.”

It appears to be a very well laid out, informative book.   The big downside is there is no Table of Contents or Index – how can you quickly navigate to a part you are interested in?   It appears you can’t in this version.

However, if you just want Data…. look here (from Chapter 6).

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Google Gravity

This is interesting.

On,    Type in  “Google Gravit”.   Select “Google Gravity” and click on “I feel lucky”.


Then on the resulting screen, Google a few more terms.

Then to really start having fun.  Look up the 8 “Google Gravity” tricks on this site:

Have Fun.

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Whatever happened to 20,000 cards?

We did get to 20,000 way back on June 14, 2009.  All my great helpers stopped giving once we reached the goal, but I’ve continued on.  I send about 100 every week.  The good news is that we’ve now sent 22,810 post cards to soldiers to let them know we care. 

So if you want help out, stop on by and give a post card or 2.

Give ’til YOU Smile!

I’m smiling!    Are you?

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Lost and Found

I must have lost this blog.  But now it’s found.

Last post was about Massive Giving.  Update?

I never did get 100 people giving regularly.  I have had 49 people each give at least once and 5-6 give somewhat regularly.  The good news is that we’ve sent 15,741 post cards to soldiers to let them know we care. 

So if you want to be number 50, stop on by and give a post card or 2.

Give ’til YOU Smile!

Posted by: wandering4hours | December 13, 2008

Massive Giving

I’m trying to find ways to promote giving.  My first effort is to get a group of people to send 20,000 Thank You post cards to soldiers in Iraq.  If I can get 100 people to each send 5 cards every day, it will only take 40 days to do it.  The cards are free to send and it only takes about 2 minutes to send 5.

I started this 9 days ago and have had 14 people participate.  Most have done it only once or occasionally. Of course, I appreciate anyone who even does it once.

I’ve started sending out a daily email reminder to those who ask for it.  Maybe that will help. The challenge is to find those 100 people who will do it daily.

Here are the daily results so far:

Most sent by 1 person in 1 day: 80
Biggest Day: 101
Cumulative Totals
12/12/08 309 cards from 14 people
12/11/08 208 cards from 14 people
12/10/08 110 cards from 10 people

12/9/08 65 cards from 7 people
12/8/08 39 cards from 3 people
12/7/08 32 cards from 2 people
12/6/08 27 cards from 2 people
12/5/08 17 cards from 1 person
12/4/08 12 cards from 1 person

Go take a look at what I’m doing:  Send a Card

Let me know your ideas:  How can I get more people involved?

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How New are Your Tires?

New tires (or are they?)
This safety information video was sent to me.  It is downright scary.  
I’d better go check out my tires and check out what’s being sold to me when I purchase “new” tires.
The code is WWY for 1990-1999 or WWYY for post 2000 showing the week and year they were manufactured.
Tires over 6 years old may be suspect.
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Flu Trends

Google is now publishing information on Flu Trends.  Take a look, I think it’s interesting that they have correlated the level of flu activity to the number of Google searches for information about Flu.  They show a map of the US with current level of flu activity and you can see the trend for the US as a whole or for an individual state.

I wonder if they can “forecast” when Christmas is approaching based on the number of Santa searches.  

What else might they be able to map and trend for us? 

Tell me what you’ld like to see them publish.

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sedona viewWe had a wonderful vacation earlier this month.  We drove to Utah where I got to meet my new grandson and see my granddaughter.  Also our daughter came from Italy where she is working as an au pair and fixed us all an Italian dinner.  After spending a couple of days with all of our children and their families in Utah we drove to Sedona, Arizona.  We stayed for a week in The Ridge Resort on Sedona Golf for a week.  This picture is the view from our balconey.  We enjoyed beautiful weather.  We took several hikes on trails and saw lots of beautiful scenery.  We want to return someday to visit again.

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Skype and Blue Blockers

What do they have in common? 

I used them both today and am glad I did.

First we had a 4 way conversation on Skype that stretched from Italy to Payson to Provo to here.

Then we Skyped with our granddaughter dressed in her halloween SuperWoman costume.  She sang us some songs.  That was fun.

Then I wore blue blockers on the way to church today. 

They really made the red and orange autumn leaves stand out.  It was a beautiful drive to church.  I just wished that we had more red and orange trees around.  Most turn yellow.

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